The Map is not the Territory

I think I first heard this term from dade. What I would like to do here is make the case for tooling and visualizations. I’ll try to be brief, be bright and be gone.


Hypothesis: Some of the very best tools, have the best visualizations.

In a conversation a while back with a friend, we talked about how the human brain is engineered to spot patterns. So she reminded me to let computers to what they do best and let the brain do what it does best.

As a very elementary example…

I wanted to briefly write and expand on this quote by Carmen, in the context of my field, cyber security.

I first read this quote in a blog here: Thinking in the time of CoronaVirus

In her excellent blog, Carmen explores a few important concepts. The one I wanted to draw attention to here is the concept of tools and how they can work to improve our thinking and understanding. No new insight or breakthrough is likely to occur, with out a new tool.

From microscopes to telescopes, what we understand about our world, in a variety of disciplines, is…

Recent articles about a new previously unknown rootkit may at first glance cause concern or uncertainty. However, this report seeks to analyze the threat and assess the risk of this type of malware. First rootkits are surreptitious software that seeks to remain undetected, while affording the attacker covert access and communications to the affected systems.

In short, takeaways from this rootkit for us are two fold.

  1. Every edge accessible Windows system should be instrumented with EDR, or removed. …

Casey Smith

Not an Expert, I have questions.

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